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Reach your ideal customer in real time;
on their phone, at home and on the go!


Client Results with GeoAI Technologies?

Home Services

Previous advertising and promotional campaigns have been too broad or slow moving. GeoAI home service solutions enables you to promote your business to specific homes, no more mass marketing… Simply select your criteria and desired audience and GeoAI does the rest. Strategically target home owners you are trying to reach.


With over 30 different manufactures, and hundreds of dealerships in a given area, it is imperative that you reach relevant clients first, and where they are. Ensure your dealership and Brand are reaching the clients that you want. With our culmination of data and precision targeting GeoAI covers the customers you want with unique/ automotive data sets.


Traditional convention and conference targeting is limited to promoting businesses only during the conference. These consumers are still a premium audience long after the convention ends. GeoAI helps identify the optimum conventions and group gatherings to target and continues to place your message in front of them.

Handset/Device ID data
2.73 trillion total
450 billion monthly

Homeowner Leads
w/ geo-fence coordinates
132.7 million total

Just The

It’s all about the numbers.

Solar/Home Improvement
4.9 million total
75,000 monthly

Auto Loan/Insurance
74.8 million total
1.5 million monthly




If you can imagine it — GeoAI can deliver